Scripts That Are Ready for a Close Up

Video content allows a brand’s storytelling efforts to come to life. Working in partnership with production studios and top design and animation talent, I’ve had the opportunity to develop scripts for a broad range of projects and brands. The process begins with an interview with stakeholders for a clear understanding of the scope to align on message, voice, and objective. I often insist on brevity, and that becomes even more critical when writing scripts, as time constraints exist because of budget, purchased air time, or simply the audience’s attention spans.

Projects In Development

Greater Wichita Partnership - 3:00 brand overview

WaterWalk Apartment Hotels - 5:00 brand overview

Emprise Bank - 1:00 CEO Welcome to Employees

Emprise Bank - 3:00 Bank History

Completed Projects 

Hog Wild Pit Bar-B-Q - Developed 25 branded radio scripts in 2018 for their product line and special promotions.


Altvia: Brand Overview



BalancedComp: Brand Overview

Production Credit: BalancedComp

The Independent School: Inspire

Production Credit: Intake Studios

Google Fiber Launch in Kansas City

Production Credit: Intake Studios

 BalancedComp App - Product Introduction

Production Credit: BalancedComp

BalancedResults App - Product Introduction

Production Credit: BalancedComp

Child Start's When I Grow Up

Production Credit: Intake Studios

Werth Wealth Management: Live With Confidence

Production Credit: Intake Studios

Chapter House: Addiction Recovery is Possible

Photo: Jakob Owens/Unsplash

Production Credit: Intake Studios