It’s So Much More Than Hashtags and Likes

Social media is not a fad or a trend, it’s an essential and effective way to market, stay relevant, and accomplish goals. I tell my clients that they shouldn’t be on social media if they aren’t prepared to do it wholeheartedly and with intention. I think it’s right for most businesses, but I don’t think it’s appropriate for all, and working together to define your overall content strategy is how we determine that for your business.

If you’re committed to being a good social media citizen, having some fun with your brand, and publishing outstanding content, I’d like to work on developing that plan with you just as I did for our clients at Clover Partners. There I managed our own brand's social as well as the social media strategy and execution for several of our clients. I built the editorial calendars, wrote the copy, adhered to brand voice, directed photoshoots and acquired graphic assets, engaged with the community, managed all details of the accounts, and provided detailed monthly reporting. These clients enjoyed above-average results by way of engagement, followers, site traffic, and other KPIs.


Support and collaborate with the social media team by managing more than two dozen niche medical accounts across Facebook and Twitter. Includes strategy, production and execution, planning, and copywriting.

Salty Iguana Bloody Mary

Managed the brand’s Instagram and Facebook during a campaign to increase awareness and exposure
primarily in Colorado. Executed paid campaigns, photography, copywriting, and overall strategy.

Instagram Posts

Pour a little salty in those Monday wounds

Bloody Mary shopping with Annie Herzig

We call this the Ellen DeGeneres

When Valentine’s Falls on Hump Day…

Super Snack or Super Swizzle?

Facebook Posts

Spring weather is so frightful

What’s hotter than National Hot Chicken Day?

Super Bowl LI snacks and bloodies

Is better to give or receive the beads?

How to warm up aprés ski

Max’s Wine Dive

Managed the Instagram and Facebook for each of the seven restaurant locations in Denver and throughout Texas.
Executed paid ad placements on both networks for cost-effective event and promotion marketing. 


Managed the Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Email for this B2B compensation consultation firm.

$55 Early Bird Discounts

The 2080 Hours Lie

Cuppies & Joe

Managed two week-long Instagram takeovers in 2015 and 2016 for this wildly popular cupcake and coffee shop in Oklahoma City.

Clover Partners

Created and managed the brand Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for the digital branding and marketing studio I co-founded in Denver.

Photo by Hayley Waldo / Clover Partners