Around here, we tell stories first.

I subscribe to the content-first philosophy for web development. It’s a process that captures a brand’s story, voice, and purpose before a single wireframe is ever sketched or line of code inputted. Without prioritizing content and developing a site’s architecture at the outset of the project, the site cannot accurately or effectively accomplish its objectives. 

Every one of the dozens of website builds I’ve led or collaborated on has started with an intensive research and discovery phase that informs every aspect of the project. From stakeholder interviews and focus groups to deep site audits, we’re able to create journeys and experiences that serve the user in a meaningful and effective way. 

I’ve aligned with some of the top web designers and developers to bring my clients’ projects to life, and personally provide research, site audits, information architecture, UX, SEO, and web copywriting. What can I launch for you?

Featured Projects

ACES: The Society for Editors*

Advanced Power, Inc.*


Bangin’ Brows

Banta Property Group*

Buhv Designs

CMR Claims (2018 Bronze ADDY)*

Fly Brothers (2017 Gold ADDY)*

Mount Hayden Backcountry Lodge - coming summer 2019

Mid-America Orthopedics*

Monogram Golf Company


The Receptionist


United Slings*

White & Weddle*

 *Work completed as co-founder/content strategist at Clover Partners

Photo: Hayley Waldo/Clover Partners